WOFI Luminaires and Lamps

As one of the leading providers in the European residential lighting industry, WOFI sees its role as that of a partner to local branches of the retail and specialist lighting trade.

WOFIs aim is to lead the way in product development, to identify trends and capture them rapidly within a modern design. It is a strategy that has brought us dynamic growth ever since the company was founded over 50 years ago.

With each of the 400 or so products that WOFI develops and markets every year, WOFI accumulates new ideas, experiences and knowledge. In addition they actively filter out the best ideas generated by the market and incorporate them straight away into our latest developments.

A single-minded determination to explore every aspect of lighting as an experience has earned the company a trend-setting reputation within the industry that WOFI not only feel obliged to live up to; but also see it as a spur to further efforts. WOFI and its partners know exactly what each of their customers wants: a well-defined product range that combines functionality, quality, attractive pricing and a great service.

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