JUST A LITTLE – small but WOW

In support of the successful light series A BIT LITTLE, OLIGO has put the „small brother“ JUST A LITTLE BIT on the market . The filigree and efficient emitter is suited in particular for the high demanding project area (possibly hotel or store construction). The clear design, linked with high grade processed materials the luminaire in every application delivers a good reputation. By the application of a highly adaptable metal tube and a 3-watt High Performance LED (200 lumens) the luminaire becomes a multifunctional and modern source of lighting. JUST A LITTLE also exists as a wall installation version / for wall assembly with case and switch and with silver or white metal sign. As a decorative table luminaire it comes with a black foot and dimmer.


220-240V / 12V DC / LED / 3000K / 7,6W / CRI >85, Table resp. floor luminaire, polished aluminium or black electroplated head, 2.5m cable, clear or frosted glass lens, adjustable focus 20-60°, Dim switch at top of luminaire or as standard foot-switch. Memory function: Most recent brightness setting is stored, Design: Oligo