Its simplicity gives it a unique and bespoke identity. The distinctive, timeless and versatile design makes it adaptable for all areas. It consists of three basic elements: the LED light source, two circular counterparts that balance each other and a slim tube that joins them. Its flexibility makes it easy to control and aim the light wherever necessary.

The designer Francesc Vilaró has used LED technology to create this lights, allowing to reduce the piece corporeal nature to the maximum and highlighting what it really means: the light.

Light is precisely the main character in this project, in which the material part of the lights is being proposed in the most silent possible way. A solution is offered where to gather pure geometry, lightness and harmony: the circle.

From that element, a subtle game of balances -the same volumetric as physical- is created, which results in an apparently simple but also iconic and personal piece. Thanks to its versatility, light materializes in order to reach many spaces in an almost non- invasive and really respectful way.

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